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Two-Day First Aid at Work (Re-qualification) (2-day course)

Price £80.00 per person (Open Course)



QCF Level 3 Award (England Northern Ireland and Wales)

FAA Level 3 Award in First Aid at work (QCF)


Unit 1 title: Emergency First Aid in the Workplace

Unit 2 title: Recognition and management of illness and injury in the Workplace




SCQF Level 6 Award (Scotland)

Award in First Aid at work at SCQF Level 6


Unit 1 title: Emergency First Aid in the Workplace

Unit 2 title: Recognition and management of illness and injury in the Workplace


 This course is designed for those who are First Aid at Work qualified and their certificate is due to expire.

 Please consider the following when applying for the course:


A First Aider needs to renew their qualification by attending a 2-day re-qualification course, this needs to be within 1 month of past expiry date.

If a qualification as lapsed beyond 3 months, then the First Aider will need to do a 3-day course to re-qualify.

It's important to remember that as soon as the certificate has expired the First Aider is no longer considered competent to act as a First Aider in the work place.   It would be prudent to ensure the First Aider is re-qualified before the date of expiry.



The course is 2 days (12 hours) and should be run on consecutive day. This can be flexible to suit the needs of the organisation or individual, but each session must be a minimum 2 hours.



The subjects covered are:


Legalities, responsibilities and reporting                  Resuscitation                            Assessment of the situation

Dealing with an unresponsive casualty                     Bandaging                                 Shock

Fractures and spinal injuries                                      Heart attack                               Choking

Bleeding                                                                        Head Injuries                             Eye Injuries

Poisoing                                                                        Chest Injuries                            Sprains and strains

Burns                                                                             Asthma                                      Diabetes

Epilepsy                                                                         Stroke     



Practical assessment is on-going each day along with a written assessment on each day.

A 3-year Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (Level 6 in Scotland) will be issued to the student, subject to successful assessment.


Number of Students

I am able to train a maximum of 12 students per course.



I have access to training classrooms in various locations in Shropshire

I am able to deliver this course on your site subject to a pre-course assessment of your premises

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