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First Aid Training

It is currently the plan, with guidance from the training governing bodies, that normal training may commence in early June (dates to be confirmed).

GMS Training will plan to run our training courses, in accordance within guidelines from HM Government, Resuscitation Council, HSE, along with advice from Pro Training.

In accordance with all current guidelines, our classes will have to be reduced to allow for social distancing, we will be looking at a reduced classroom number of a maximum of 5 students. (GMS Training will train from 2 to 5 students please ask for details)

We do however now have essential criteria that needs to be met for both the student’s and trainer’s health and welfare, in this current unusual global climate:

On arrival at the classroom each student will have their temperature checked via a non-contact method, and their Identity (Photo ID) checked. They should also have, in advance, a statement of being Covid-19 free, (this statement will be emailed to each student prior to the start of the training).

GMS Training will supply each student with a pack containing the necessary PPE for the course, along with the normal items issued for the completion of the training. Each student will have access to a single manikin for the duration of the course, and their own training pack, (no sharing of equipment).

The training pack will be the responsibility of the student for the duration of the training and will consist of the following:

1 x Dressing. (large)

1 x Triangular Bandage.

2 x Pair of Gloves.

2 x Masks.

1 x Hand Gel.

3 x Non-Alcohol Wipes.

1 x Face shield.

1 x Manual.

The process of registration and tests will all now be via the internet. No paperwork will be required, this will of course require each student to have access to a smart phone or tablet (with internet access), as all testing will be done online.

All tests will be marked, and a response will be given live, and the necessary certificate will be in a PDF format for downloading.

For Health and Safety, GMS Training, will need to complete a visit to the classroom prior to start of training and complete a Risk Assessment to ensure the room is suitable to the number of students on the course.

Currently Blended training is still available, with an extended time for part two (please ask for details if required). To complete part two (the practical element), this will again be controlled by current guidelines. Students will be treated the same as those in a normal classroom, i.e. all testing online and live, training pack & PPE for each student, the advantage with a blended course, may be that a one to one classroom training session may be available.

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