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Paediatric First Aid

Price £75.00 per person (Open Course)

Price £450.00 for 12 students  (Closed course)


Units 1 & 2 (2 Day course (minimum of 12 hours))


QCF Level 3 Award (England North Ireland & Wales)

FFA Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QCF)

Unit 1 Title: Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Unit 2 Title: Managing Paediatric Illness, Injury and Emergencies


SCQF Level 6 Award (Scotland)

Award in Paediatric First Aid at SCQF Level 6

Unit 1 Title: Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Unit 2 Title: Managing Paediatric Illness, Injury and Emergencies



The aim of this course is for those who are working with children and infants.   It will be of benefit to teachers, child minders, crèche assistants, playgroups and any one has as a responsibility for the welfare of children and infants when in your care.


Those who attend this course will be accredited with level 3 award.


This course meets the guidelines and criteria as laid down by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Ofsted.


To achieve the qualification, you must attend both days and complete the two units of accreditation.



A 2 days or 12 hours makes up the two units consisting of practical work and theory training. A maximum number of 12 students per course and students must be of 16 years of age to qualify.



The subjects covered are as follows:

Responsibilities and reporting                              Resuscitation                                Fainting

Assessment of the situation                                  Head injuries                                 Choking casualty

Unresponsive casualty                                           Diabetes                                         Fractures

Infantile convulsions                                              Foreign bodies                               Meningitis

Control of bleeding and shock                              Anaphylaxis                                   Casualty with Burns

Eye Injuries                                                              Heat and Cold                                Asthma

Sickle cell anaemia



Assessment is ongoing by myself of the student’s skills and there will be a multiple choice question paper to answer in respect of knowledge.

A 3-year certificate will be issued subject to assessment.



I have access training classroom in various locations in Telford or

I am able to deliver this course on your site subject to a pre-course assessment of your premises

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